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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Antilles school?

Antilles is an experience I wouldn’t trade, not for the world." Antilles School offers strong non-academic programs. Our athletic program is very competitive in a number of sports to include volleyball, basketball, athletics, softball, baseball, football, chess and sailing (our sailing program is one of the best in the nation).

Why choose our military academy?

Our Military Academy puts cadets — “One Step Ahead.” The New York Military Academy offers unique high school program that combines academic, physical, and a leadership program that builds character within a highly structured and challenging 24/7 military environment.

What is the ND schools plusportal?

PlusPortal is accessible through NDES’ website and clicking at the top ND Schools PlusPortals Parents can view all of their children enrolled at NDCL and NDES through just one convenient log-in. Parents and students can easily view upcoming assignments and assessments.

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