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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blissey a supporter in Pokémon unite?

Pokémon Unite Launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21! Blissey falls into the Supporter class in Pokémon Unite, which means this Pokémon's job is to restore their allies' health and provide useful buffs. If you haven't played as a Supporter Pokémon yet, then Blissey is a great place to start since it's quite easy to play.

What is the best build for Blissey in Pokemon Go?

The Hand Boiled build is the traditional support build for Blissey. Soft Boiled is a heal-on-demand that can be stored and spammed and Helping Hand is an offensive buff that increases the movement and attack speed of Blissey and nearby allies. When using this build, always stay close to your highest level allied Pokemon.

What is Pokemon unite?

Pokemon Unite .GG offers a collection of community made build guides for Blissey. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the game or a seasoned veteran.

How much Aeos gems does Blissey unlock?

On this page, you can find everything needed to know regarding Blissey's abilities, playstyle tips, build guides, and more. Unlock: 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. Based on in-game ratings, Blissey is a healer being able to keep allies alive, buffing them with increased stats, and removing status conditions.

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