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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pypyav and how does it work?

PyAV is a Pythonic binding for the FFmpeg libraries. We aim to provide all of the power and control of the underlying library, but manage the gritty details as much as possible. PyAV is for direct and precise access to your media via containers, streams, packets, codecs, and frames.

How to install pyav on PyPI?

You can install these wheels by running: If you want to use your existing FFmpeg/Libav, the C-source version of PyAV is on PyPI too: Another way of installing PyAV is via conda-forge: See the Conda quick install docs to get started with (mini)Conda.

Is pyav a help or hindrance?

If the ffmpeg command does the job without you bending over backwards, PyAV is likely going to be more of a hindrance than a help. But where you can't work without it, PyAV is a critical tool. Due to the complexity of the dependencies, PyAV is not always the easiest Python package to install from source.

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