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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there bathrooms on Rendezvous Caye and ragga Caye?

On Rendezvous Caye passengers are encouraged to use the shower facilities on the boat and there is a toilet on the island. On Ragga Caye the second night, we provide shower and bathroom facilities on the island itself. For many the quality of the food on the trip is a pleasant surprise as we carry Chef’s on board our trip!

What to do on Ragga Caye?

Lunchtime will be a BBQ on Ragga Caye as passengers can relax in a hammock, go kayaking or even swim, snorkel or even fish off the island before we finally pack up and head back home. We are so excited about this change in our itinerary and after you have completed the tour, we know you will be too!!

What is the curiousraggamuffin snorkeling tour?

Raggamuffin has put together this unique adventure to access the more remote/ inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef to showcase some of her best snorkeling and fishing areas! The tour takes the route from Caye Caulker and finishes in DANGRIGA (the tour is never undertaken in reverse), remaining in the inner reef to allow for calm sailing waters.

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