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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Relias Learning?

With Relias Learning, you can invest in your team’s education by accessing an expansive library of digital content. The Relias Platform uses adult learning principles and a variety of tools to help staff build knowledge and retain skills.

Why integintegrate with Relias?

Integrate our solutions to ensure nurses, therapists, CNAs, and all staff are positioned to confidently provide specialized care and improved client outcomes. Improve standards of care and maximize reimbursements with Relias.

How do I get help with my Relias account?

LEARNERS: If you need help with your Relias account, such as resetting your password, please contact your organization's Relias Administrator or your supervisor. ADMINISTRATORS/SUPERVISORS: Access Relias Connect through your organization's Relias site to access all its features and resources.

How many Relias courses does the LMS offer?

As well as giving access to over 300 Relias courses, our LMS hosts hundreds more courses from e-Learning for Healthcare (provided by Health Education England) available to NHS and other qualifying clients.

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