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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a training program from Relias?

A training program from Relias allows training officers and coordinators to schedule, track and create curricula and courses unique to your training needs.

How do I get help with my Relias account?

LEARNERS: If you need help with your Relias account, such as resetting your password, please contact your organization's Relias Administrator or your supervisor. ADMINISTRATORS/SUPERVISORS: Access Relias Connect through your organization's Relias site to access all its features and resources.

Why choose Relias as your paperless system?

All users receive a built-in course on navigating the system and ongoing help from our five-star support team. “Relias was the smoothest software implementation we have ever been through. In terms of regulatory compliance and streamlining a paperless system, [the return on investment] exceeded our expectations.”

What makes Relias different?

Relias is comprehensive in that we have staff that are paraprofessionals… psychologists, doctors, licensed social workers…it offers trainings throughout whatever role or educational level our staff come from. Everything is automated – everything from live events to skills checklists to requirements trackers.

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