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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Rituals about?

(June 2018) Rituals is a 1977 Canadian slasher film directed by Peter Carter, and starring Hal Holbrook, Lawrence Dane, and Robin Gammell. It centers on a group of doctors who are stalked and murdered while on a wilderness trip in remote Northern Ontario.

What happens to Hal Holbrook in the woods?

Hal Holbrook and four other doctors take their yearly vacation off in the deepest woods for uninterrupted fishing and camping. Once there strange occurrences begin to happen. All their boots are stolen. A deer is slaughtered and strung up with a snake crawling down its leg like a caduces.

Where was the movie Rituals filmed?

In the morning, Harry finally reaches a country road where he sits idly, awaiting the next passing car. Rituals was filmed in northern Ontario, Canada in mid-1976, on a budget of CA $600,000.

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