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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect gift from Roadrunner?

Roadrunner feathers were traditionally used to decorate Pueblo cradleboards as spiritual protection for the baby. In Mexican Indian and American Indian tribes, such as the Pima, it is considered good luck to see a roadrunner.

What does Roadrunner do?

RoadRunner is an interactive editor that lets you design 3D scenes for simulating and testing automated driving systems. RoadRunner provides tools for setting and configuring traffic signal timing, phases, and vehicle paths at intersections. Create and play back scenarios for automated driving simulation

What are some other names for roadrunners?

Roadrunners are also called earth-cuckoos, chaparral cocks, snake killers, and ground cuckoos. While they are generally solitary birds or are found in pairs, a flock of roadrunners can be called a marathon or race. Roadrunners mate for life and renew bonds each spring with courtship dancing, calls, chases, and sharing food.

What are the benefits of using Roadrunner's services?

Roadrunner’s expansive network offers high-quality LTL shipping services for freight of all shapes and sizes. Focused on long-haul major metro to major metro lanes, Roadrunner’s commitment remains the same on all shipments – to deliver your LTL freight on time, intact and damage-free.

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