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Frequently Asked Questions

How does roadtechs work?

Single Job Posts are on Sale! Why Roadtechs Works! is our "go-to" resource to recruit professionals in the Energy industry. The site allows our recruiters to locate talent that ranges from Field Technicians to Energy Management Professionals. Roadtechs gives niche recruitment firms the ability to compete with large scale corporations.

What has the Innovation Board done for roadtechs?

The Innovation Board has provided Roadtechs with a platform to demonstrate how surface rejuvenation can assist highways managers with the maintenance of good roads and extend the life of the surface.

Do you say roadtech or roadtech?

You can also say roadtech, roadtech is a common typo for roadtechs. Yes, yes, I am saying roadtech to add the keyword to the google search engine. I didn't say you HAD to, I just said you COULD. it was like like that when i got here!

Why choose roadtechs surface extension treatments?

Our Surface Extension Treatments (SET), Reclamite®, RHiNOPHALT® and CRF Surface Sealant, offer penetrative, restorative and durable solutions to enable the lifecycle extension of existing ‘good’ roads. Roadtechs is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of Specialist Surface Treatment Systems in the UK.

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