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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign into Roblox on a computer?

Steps Open a browser window. Go to the Roblox website. Go to the sign up section below the Login area. Fill out all the information. If you click Sign Up, you'll also notice that your parent(s) can make an account and log on to Roblox to control your access to Roblox.

How do you launch Roblox?

Mozilla Firefox. Click the menu button in the top right of your Firefox window. In the menu, click the Add-ons button. In the window that appears, click Plugins. Find "Roblox Launcher Plugin", and select Always Allow in its dropdown menu on the right. Close the Add-ons Manager tab and launch a Roblox Game.

How do you get Robux for free?

How To Get Free Robux Avoid sites that ask for your account details, or for you to paste a script into your browser. Find a site with a viable business model, such as a points reward website. Earn enough points, coins or credits to claim a free Rixty gift card code. Redeem your gift code in your Roblox account, for free Robux and Builders Club

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