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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rogue kettlebells come in different weights?

All of the Rogue kettlebells come in a range of weights, so you may need to purchase a few when outfitting a home gym. It’s hard for us to recommend exactly which weight to use, as it’s very individual and depends on your fitness levels.

What are the best kettlebells for home fitness?

There are a couple of companies making steel competition-style kettlebells aimed at the home fitness market, which offer the benefit of consistently sized kettlebells without incurring the usual steel competition cost. I’ve reviewed two options, one from Vulcan Strength and one from Kettlebell Kings, take a look at the reviews via the links below:

Are Rep fitness cast iron kettlebells any good?

The handle dimensions on average are smaller than similarly sized kettlebells from other vendors, making these very friend for people with smaller hands. Rep Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell are great kettlebells with a very clean finish and one of the nicest powder coat options available.

Is a kettlebell a good investment?

A kettlebell is a fantastic addition to any home gym, regardless of your training goal. When you’re looking to upgrade your workout, any of the options from Rogue will be a great investment.

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