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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ruggable rugs made specifically for You?

That’s why we created a rug that will withstand whatever is thrown at it: spills, dirt, dander, dust...even pet accidents. Now, you can spend less time cleaning and more time living. And it's also made to order, which means the rug you'll get has been made specifically for you. Our secret? Ruggable’s Rug System comes in two pieces.

Is the smallest ruggable rug safe to use?

Ruggable rugs aren’t chemically treated, so they don’t give off any harmful fumes. The smallest size is still pretty big. I’d love to see Ruggable roll out a little mat that I can use in my small hallway bathroom.

Where are ruggable washable rugs made in the US?

While Ruggables works with certified suppliers in Korea, China, Germany and Mexico, each rug is made-to-order and packaged in Los Angeles or Chicago. Ruggable washable rugs are unique to the rug and carpet industry for several reasons: They are comprised of a 2-piece system Ruggable rugs employ cling effect technology

Are there any alternatives to a ruggable pad?

The Velcro that attaches the pad to the cover is SO loud. I had to return it. Subject: Washable rugs: alternatives to Ruggable? Anonymous wrote: No, but also interested in this.

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