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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rumble strip on a car?

DEFINITIONS Rumble Strips: Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns on the roadway or shoulder that provide audible and vibratory warnings to drivers that their vehicles are leaving the driving lane or are approaching an unusual or unexpected traffic or road condition.

What is the purpose of shoulder rumble strips?

The intent of shoulder rumble strips is to notify inattentive drivers that they are leaving the roadway - with the goal of reducing run-off-the-road crashes. They are also useful during snowy conditions to help the driver keep the vehicle on the road.

What are ridrumble strips?

Rumble strips, raised profile line markings or audio tactile profiled (ATP) road markings, are road markings that generate noise and vibration when you drive over them. The lines are painted like normal road markings except the machine drops ridges (also called blocks or ribs) at intervals.

What is the difference between rumble strips and lines?

Authorities tend to use other measures to slow traffic down to less than 45mph before reaching the transverse rumble strips. Transverse rumble strips have higher maintenance costs than lines because drivers can’t avoid driving over them.

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