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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to save running config?

The running-configuration is the config that is in the router's memory . You change this config when you make changes to the router. Keep in mind that config is not saved until you do a copy running-configuration startup-configuration. This command can be abbreviated sh run .

What is a startup config?

The statup-config is the configuration that is loaded when the router boots or powers up. The runnning-config is the current configuration in the router. It may have been modified since the last boot and so might be different.

What is running configuration?

The running configuration file stores the configuration changes made while the router is up and running. The "running-config" file is stored in RAM. The "running-config" file is NOT persistent, which means that the changes made in the "running-config" while the router is running are not retained after a reboot.

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