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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any problems with working at runnings?

I love working for Runnings. They are a caring and moving company with a lot to offer their employees. The only problem in our area was the pay because they are a Midwest company with Midwest pay scale. I feel the district manager should sit down with them and discuss NYS wages. Was this review helpful? Job seekers rely on your experience.

Is there a runnings store in North Dakota?

Runnings is a retail chain in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York and New Hampshire.

What kind of pay do you get at runnings?

Very poor upper management unless you like all your answers as crude remarks. Company keeps employees who are completely useless which is just an irritation for other employees. Pay is decent but your expected to work in all departments not just the one you were hired to run.

Are there any unprofessional employees at runnings?

At Runnings you typically could see people who are unfriendly and unsanitary, If an error at the till happens it would take a long time for a manager or assistance to come and resolve the issue. Over all they will constantly accuse you of stealing. no benefits/ coverage/ Rude/Biased/Harassment/Unprofessional.

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