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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a sabre 34 and a 34 Mark II?

In 1985, after nearly a decade of building its popular Sabre 34, Sabre Yachts significantly revamped the design. The resulting boat-beamier, roomier, faster, and more powerful than the original-is usually referred to as the Sabre 34 Mark II. Despite distinct differences between the two boats, the family resemblance is still obvious.

What was the last sabre hull built?

Hull number 430, the wing-keel boat was the last hull built. It is owned by Alan Pressman, a Sarasota, Fla.-based regional dealer for Sabre. In 12 to 15 knots of wind, the boat required minimal effort to steer-and sailed herself for much of the time.

Who made the Sabre Mark II?

As with all the Sabre models launched before the company ran into financial trouble in the early 1990s, the Mark II was designed by company founder Roger Hewson, a transplanted Canadian engineer who raced International 14s and has been described as a born tinkerer.

Why buy a used Sabre?

Hewsons penchant for lively boats, combined with the detail-oriented Maine craftsmanship, is a chief reason why used Sabres remain so popular among split-personality sailors who enjoy PHRF racing as much as a leisurely summer cruise-something that can’t be said of many boats of the same vintage.

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