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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Sabre Yachts?

As a leading innovator of production line excellence in methods and fiberglass technology, Sabre Yachts has been on the cutting edge ever since. Now their beautiful sail and motor yachts skirt the high seas across the world, with multiple model types for every need.

How do I contact Sabre?

Contact Us 1 Global headquarters 2 Sabre brand. Please visit our Sabre brand site for information on logo usage, color palettes, typography, brand visuals, writing guidelines and other useful resources. 3 Sabre website. Please email [email protected] if you experience problems with this website. 4 Responsible Disclosure. ...

What makes the Sabre 38 Salon express a boaters' favorite?

All of these features wrapped up in classic Downeast lines make the Sabre 38 Salon Express “a boat that boaters recognize.” The interior of the Sabre 38 Salon Express is an open design which suits a day’s outing with friends as easily as it does a longer cruise.

What makes the new Sabre so special?

She boasts a sleek new mast design, expansive fixed-glazed windows, and sloping deck rails, all of which contribute to her striking nouveau-vintage silhouette. Owners will appreciate her contemporary Downeast proportions, with sweeping lines and fresh angles contained in a vessel that, nevertheless, remains recognizably a Sabre.

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