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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is San Giuliano olive oil made?

San Giuliano delivers pure and delicious extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) straight from its olive estates located in the pristine coastal countryside of Alghero, Sardinia, Italy. Press release here. What makes San Giuliano exceptional?

What is San Giuliano EVOO?

San Giuliano EVOO is a go-to for sautéing and making salad dressings like Caesar. Use Fruttato to finish rich meats, shellfish, portabella, and boldly profiled fruits like blackberries and blueberries, and vegetables like sweet potato and asparagus. 100% Italian.

What does San Giuliano taste like?

San Giuliano USDA-Certified San Giuliano Organic is a medium-intense blend of well-balanced olive fruitiness with grassy, spicy undertones and gentle bitter and pungent sensations. Sauté, pan-fry, roast, season and enjoy it as a condiment to salad and cheese.

Why choose Pride of Sardinia San Giuliano?

The result is a representation of EVOO that is as pure as nature intends, and why they are one of the industry's most trusted producers. "Pride of Sardinia" San Giuliano is Sardinia, Italy's best-selling brand of EVOO.

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