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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scam call?

Scam Calls: Any phone call that is fraudulent. Meaning, any person posing as a person or entity that is attempting to steal your money or personal identity. Why are spam calls such a threat to you and your smartphone?

What are the most common phone scams?

While crooks use many scenarios, here are 10 common phone scams currently making the rounds. Threatening calls from the IRS. Technical support calls. Fake charity appeals. Lottery scams. Family members in peril. Bank fraud calls.

Is the Social Security number on the phone a scam?

The scam is entirely fake as a SSN never expires, nor are they suspended. Additionally, the Social Security Administration doesn’t make phone calls; it communicates via mail. The same goes for Medicare. If you receive a call from Medicare, which is rare, hang up and call the main number: 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

Can scammers make calls from anywhere?

Scammers can use the internet to make calls from all over the world. They don’t care if you’re on the National Do Not Call Registry. That’s why your best defense against unwanted calls is call blocking.

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