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Frequently Asked Questions

What are people saying about schedule360?

“Knowing that Schedule360 is an award winner from KLAS, it makes feel that we’re using the right software for our scheduling needs.” Schedule360 uses a blend of collaborative technologies, including the Web, mobile apps, text messaging and email to empower proactive scheduling and communication.

How long does it take for MinuteClinic to contact me?

Access MinuteClinic providers and a variety of health services from home. After we get your request, a provider will contact you within 24 hours to set up a visit. Returning user?

What is MinuteClinic video visit™?

With MinuteClinic Video Visit™, you'll connect with a qualified health care provider from the comfort of home. Just $59 per visit. Collaborating with medical systems in the communities we serve. Our clinical affiliates include leading hospitals, clinics and physicians.

What is scheschedule360 ™?

Schedule360 ™ is designed to be easily configured to the way YOU work so it feels like a custom employee scheduling software solution – with the affordability of an off-the-shelf solution. It’s so easy to use, you’ll learn how to use it in minutes.

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