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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the fate of the old parish registers?

Cameron, Anne ‘The fate of the Old Parish Registers under the Registration Act of 1854’ describes how the changeover from the ecclesiastical to the statutory system of registration took place at parish level (Published on the Scottish way of birth and death from the records of the Registrar General 1855-1939 website under detailed research)

Are there any registers for parishes with no records?

Registers for some parishes start in the early 19th century and in a few no records survive. It's unlikely that any parish achieved 100% coverage. There are a number of reasons for the defects and gaps in the registers:

Where can I find Lanarkshire Parish records?

Some of the Lanarkshire parish records are indexed in * Lanark, Scotland, Extracted Parish Records. This database is a collection of historical parish registers from the county of Lanark in the country of Scotland. The records in this collection can range in date from the early 1500s to the mid- to late-1800s.

Where can I find a Register of baptisms and marriages in Scotland?

Most churches keep registers of baptisms, marriages and burials and some keep registers of other events relating to people. On the Scotlandspeople site you can search the registers of the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland and some other Presbyterian churches.

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