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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Oscar the Grouch live on Sesame Street?

A rare shot of Oscar's full body, as seen in a 2008 episode. Oscar the Grouch is a furry, green Grouch who lives in a trash can on Sesame Street. In fact, he loves trash so much that he's rarely seen outside of his trash can. His trademark song, explaining his passion for refuse, is " I Love Trash."

How old is Oscar from Sesame Street in real life?

He also has a brother named Ernest and a sister named Bunny. In both Episode 0131 and A Special Sesame Street Christmas, Oscar revealed that he also has a father. According to a 2008 interview with performer Caroll Spinney (and later confirmed by Oscar himself in an appearance on 1 vs 100 ), Oscar is 43 years old.

Where does the Sloppy Jalopy Go in Sesame Street?

The Sloppy Jalopy returns to Sesame Street, where Gordon shows the Grouches his map of the Sesame Street area. It shows the different streets that they could take to MSG. Grundgetta wants to take Elm Street (it's under construction), but Oscar wants to stay along Sesame Street (for more traffic).

When did the new Oscar the Grouch puppet come out?

In chapter nine of the book The Wisdom of Big Bird, Caroll Spinney states that the Oscar puppet was rebuilt about a month after Sesame Street had started taping. Henson tore apart the original puppet, and a new puppet was built.

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