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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Cortana settings?

Set up Cortana in Windows 10. To begin with, click inside the taskbar search box. The Cortana settings box will appear as shown below. Move the slider to On position, to enable Cortana, so that it can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts etc on your device. Also move the slider to the On position for Hey Cortana here.

How do you turn off Cortana settings?

To turn off Cortana you can follow these steps: Click in the search box on the task bar. Hit the little burger button (that's three stacked lines), at the top left corner of Cortana. Here a menu should pop up with several options, click on settings. A list now should appear of all the settings that have changed.

How do I Change my Cortana location settings?

1. Go to the Control Panel. 2. If you’re in the standard view, open Clock, Language, and Region and then click Region. 3. In Region change the following settings: Go to Formats tab and set format as your requirements. Go to Location tab and set as your requirements.

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