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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect at settlement?

What to expect on Settlement Day. Settlement Day is the most exciting day in your property purchasing journey. For less experienced property buyers, the day the vendor hands over the keys to your new house can be a nerve-wracking, stressful, or sometimes very emotional journey.

What is the reason for settlement?

Settlement is a popular option for several reasons, but a large number of cases are settled simply because defendants want to avoid the high cost of litigation. Settlement may occur before or during the early stages of a trial. In fact, simple settlements regularly take place before a lawsuit is even filed.

What is the definition of settlement?

Definition of settlement. 1 : the act or process of settling. 2a : an act of bestowing or giving possession under legal sanction. b : the sum, estate, or income secured to one by such a settlement. 3a : occupation by settlers. b : a place or region newly settled. c : a small village. 4 : settlement house.

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