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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I make with shaving foam and paint?

You can also simply mix equal parts of paint and shaving foam to make puffy paint and paint pictures using it. They take a while to dry but they are fabulously colourful and textured when they do. Looking for more arty inspo?

How do you get kids to use shaving foam?

Spray shaving foam in a pile in front of the child. We did it right on the table, but you could give them a tray or plate. Give the kids eye droppers of liquid watercolor to squirt in (or use a different type of coloring and put it on top) Let them go at it. Kids will mix colors, feel the foam, squeeze it, swirl it or whatever they enjoy.

What are some shaving cream projects for kids?

You can make beautiful prints, cards, wrapping paper, or garlands with them afterwards. Or use shaving cream to create sensory bins or play doughs like sand foam. The nice part is that it smells great while you’re playing with it! What are your favorite shaving cream projects for kids?

How do you make paper animals out of shaving foam?

You can cut your paper into fun shapes such as hearts, butterflies or Easter eggs. The paper should be smaller than the colored area of your shaving foam. Lay the paper onto the surface of the shaving foam. Gently press down on the paper so that it comes in contact with the colors on the foam. 6 Lift the paper.

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