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What does sheath mean in medical terms?

Meaning Origin language and etymology Example(s) vagin-of or pertaining to the vagina: Latin vāgīna, sheath, scabbard; vagina vaginal epithelium: varic(o)-swollen or twisted vein: Latin varix: varicose, esophageal varices: vas(o)-duct, blood vessel: Latin vās, vessel, dish, vase vasoconstriction: vasculo-blood vessel: Latin vāsculum: cardiovascular: ven-

What does the name sheath mean?ēthz, shēths) 1. a. A usually close-fitting case or covering for a blade, as of a sword. b. Any of various similar coverings. 2. BiologyAn enveloping tubular structure, such as the base of a grass leaf that surrounds the stem or the tissue that encloses a muscle or nerve fiber. 3. A close-fitting dress. 4. A condom.

How is sheath used in a sentence?

Words sheath sheath in A Sentence 1 This is thy Sheath. 0 2 Remove the knife Sheath. 0 3 You don't have a Sheath. 0 4 That's what it say, use a Sheath. 0 5 Help me to remove the knife Sheath. 0 6 Microscopic tumors forming on the nerve Sheath? 0 7 I will leave without trouble, so Sheath your sword. 0 8

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