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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sheathed mean?

Define sheathed. sheathed synonyms, sheathed pronunciation, sheathed translation, English dictionary definition of sheathed. tr.v. sheathed , sheath·ing , sheathes 1. To insert into or provide with a sheath. 2. To retract into a sheath. 3. To enclose with a protective covering;...

What is the difference between sheathed and bare?

1. sheathed- enclosed in a protective covering; sometimes used in combination; "his sheathed sword"; "the cat's sheathed claws"; "a ship's bottom sheathed in copper"; "copper-sheathed" unsheathed, bare- not having a protective covering; "unsheathed cables"; "a bare blade"

What are the different types of sheathing?

Sheathing is made from several different materials including wood, fiberboard, cement, gypsum, and glass mat. Wood sheathing is used for exterior walls, floors, and roofs. Wood is the most common material for sheathing and comes in three different formulations: plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and waferboard.

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