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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy African clothing?

African Clothing® is available at Walmart in the US and Canada Wholesale pricing is available for Buyers, Retailers, Vendors, Distributors and Investors interested in African Fashion Business. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) per size, style, color is 100 pieces (50 pieces for new customers upon request with credit option available).

What to wear on an African safari?

For example, a good long sleeve shirt can keep you warm in the morning but cool during the day in a way that short-sleeve or tee shirts fail. This one is key. Africa can be hard on clothes, even on a short trip. Climbing in and out of a safari vehicle can easily rip a weak pair of pants or shorts.

What is the best fabric for Safari shirts?

The safari shirt has a great material blend of hemp and recycled polyester. It feels soft to the touch, but the hemp gives a weight to the fabric that will stand the test of time and the bush. The weight is perfect for spring conditions but will be a tad hot for summer in Southern Africa.

What fabrics are itit sweatsuits made of?

IT’S ABOUT IDEAS. Our made in U.S.A. sweatsuits are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and fits— like our iconic Women’s Flex Fleece Sweatpants and Cropped Half Zip Pullover made of a 50/50 Poly Cotton Fleece great for all seasons. We also offer styles in polar fleece, cotton fleeces and our signature, bestselling 14 oz. Heavy Fleece.

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