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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you iron a shirt collar?

Unfold the collar so that it is “popped” and lay it flat on the ironing board with the back facing up. Spray the collar down with a good amount of water and give it ~30 seconds to soak in. Iron from the middle of the collar outwards all the way to the tips of the collar points.

What are the different dress shirt collar types?

Different Dress Shirt Collar Styles Button-Down Collar. The button-down collar is just what it sounds like: a shirt with a collar that "buttons down" to the shirt itself. Cutaway or "Windsor" Collars. ... Club Collars. ... Pinned Collars. ... Point Collars. ... Spread Collar. ... Tab Collars. ... Wing Collars. ...

What are dress shirt collar styles?

The two most common types of cuffs on a dress shirt are the button or barrel cuff and the French cuff, while the more common collar styles on dress shirts include the point collar, the spread collar, and the button down collar.

What is a collarless shirt called?

Henley t-shirts are a style of collarless men's casual wear pullover shirt. They are characterized by a 4-6 inch long set of buttons underneath the neckline. It basically resembles a collarless polo shirt.

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