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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reserve a study room?

Study Rooms for 1 - 2 People Make a reservation online (SHSU account required) and then just go to your room at the appointed time. Rooms should be unlocked, and it is no longer necessary to borrow a key. Rooms may be used on a walk-in basis without a reservation, but reservations take priority.

What are the facilities provided in the study rooms?

• All rooms are equipped with whiteboard, study table, and chairs. Wireless connectivity is available Need assistance? Contact the 24/7 Area Help Desk either in person or at 619-594-3446.

Are the study rooms soundproof?

These study rooms are NOT soundproof. They are not suitable for musical instrument practice or other loud activities. Need a computer? You can bring your own or borrow one from us. Questions should be directed to the Library Service Desk at (936) 294-1618.

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