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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need signalhire?

Whether you're a recruiter or sourcer, sales or marketing manager you must have SignalHire ready at hand. Source across 350+ mln profiles aggregated from all around the web on SignalHire, use the browser extension to uncover contact details of any person, get only 100% up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and social networks links

What is signalhire extension?

What is SignalHire Extension? The SignalHire Browser Extension helps you get contact information (emails, phones, social networks) on individual profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google+ and Meetup. Dribbble, Gmail, Xing, Quora etc. are coming soon.

What is singalhire and how does it work?

“SingalHire is a unique tool that makes the recruiting process swift and effortless. This platform is more than a simple email finder, but rather a talent acquisition pool. SingalHire allows scanning multiple candidates in a few easy clicks, making the most of your recruiting team’s efforts.

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