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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a silk pillowcase better than a blissy pillowcase?

This pillowcase helps you save money because only one side of the pillow is silk. This makes sense since you only sleep on one side of a pillow. The other side of this pillow is cotton and the pillowcase is thinner than a Blissy pillowcase, but it’s also less expensive.

Do you need to wash your hair in a Blissey pillowcase?

Many Blissy pillowcase reviews even go as far as saying that they do not have to wash their hair in the morning as often. Moreover, others appreciate how sleeping in it retains the shine of their hair in the morning. Also, pre-sleep hair care products may not work properly unless you rest in silk Blissey pillowcases.

Do silk pillowcases work?

So yes, silk pillowcases work. But now let’s talk about that Blissy Pillowcase price tag! Cost and Price Plans. You’ll pay a pretty penny for just one single Blissy pillowcase. Most options start at prices no lower than $79.95 - with king pillowcases costing even more.

What is the return policy for blissy pillowcases?

For any other returns, you must pay return shipping. Online customer reviews of Blissy pillowcases are overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers on their own website stating that there is no pillowcase quite as comfortable, and that they have been sleeping better since using Blissy.

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