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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike is the trek singletrack 930?

Trek Singletrack 930 Mountain Bike Trek Singletrack 930 mountain bike. Medium frame (approximately 19.5" 21 speeds, 26" wheels, 30" standover ... more height. USA-made True Temper OX Comp II double-butted chromoly frame. System Components stem, Grip Shift 400FFS shifters, alloy seatpost, Shimano brakes, derailleurs, cranks and hubs, Matrix rims.

How tall is a 930 single track bike frame?

VINTAGE TREK 930 SINGLETRACK BICYCLE 18 INCH LUGGED FRAME SET VINTAGE TREK 930 SINGLETRACK BICYCLE 18 INCH LUGGED FRAME SET Trek 930 Single Track 26” wheel lugged frame set. Measures 17" 433 mm) tall from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube, 18 1/2” 47 cm) to the top of the seat lug.

What do you think about the Harley Davidson 930?

The 930 was a decent ride for the early 90s. I rode this thing all over CO and UT. It was originally geared a little too high for the long climbs in CO, but that was easy to fix. Over the first 5 seasons, I broke/wore_out nearly everything. I even broke the fork and frame. Trek waranteed the frame, and I upgraded to front suspension.

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