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Frequently Asked Questions

What is singletrack mountain biking?

A cross-country rider on singletrack during a race. An example of doubletrack. Singletrack (or single track) describes a type of mountain biking trail that is approximately the width of the bike. It contrasts with double-track or fire road which is wide enough for four-wheeled off-road vehicles.

What is the difference between singletrack and double track?

Doubletrack (or double track) contrasts with singletrack in that it has two paths, which are approximately parallel. Jeep trails and fire roads are examples of a doubletrack trail.

What is transtransrockies singletrack 6?

TransRockies Singletrack 6 is a 6 day mountain bike adventure showcasing the best riding in a variety of authentic mountain bike communities in Western Canada. Six stages, a new route every year and the perfect brew of XC, panoramic vistas and epic descents.

How is singletrack maintained?

There are often volunteers, both organized and informal, that maintain and create singletrack in many places. Organized volunteers coordinate with park districts or land owners to modify the natural woods or terrain to accommodate singletrack bikers. Some paths are created from scratch, while others are modified hiking paths.

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