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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solenoid in a car transmission?

A transmission solenoid or cylinoid is an electro-hydraulic valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout an automatic transmission.

What does a bad starter solenoid do?

The solenoid is a mounted above the starter in a car and pulls charge from the device as energy is channeled through it. A bad starter solenoid does not hold or feed the charge back into a starter and does not allow the engine to run.

How do you wire a starter solenoid?

To wire a 12-volt starter solenoid, first disconnect the black negative cable from the vehicle's battery, and then connect the red battery cable to the large bolt on the solenoid. If it is a remote-mounted solenoid, you must connect a control wire between the control circuit terminal on the solenoid and the car's ignition bypass terminal.

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