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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you meant by solenoid?

A solenoid (/ ˈsoʊlənɔɪd /, from the Greek σωληνοειδής sōlēnoeidḗs, "pipe-shaped") is a type of electromagnet, the purpose of which is to generate a controlled magnetic field through a coil wound into a tightly packed helix.

What is the difference between a solenoid and a coil?

As nouns the difference between coil and solenoid is that coil is something wound in the form of a helix or spiral or coil can be a noise, tumult, bustle, or turmoil while solenoid is a coil of wire that acts as a magnet when an electric current flows through it. is to wind or reel eg a wire or rope into regular rings, often around a centerpiece.

What is a solenoid used for?

A solenoid is an electromagnetic device used to remotely or automatically supply switching, actuation, or adjustment movement to a secondary device.

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