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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hyaluronic acid used for in skin care?

... Interest in using hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic ingredient in skin care products occurred with the discovery that the amount of HA found in natural skin diminishes with age, and when reintroduced into the skin care products, it keeps skin hydrated, attenuates the appearance of wrinkles, and smooths the skin.

How to monitor the penetration of hyaluronic acids in the skin?

Raman micro-imaging was applied to monitor the skin penetration of hyaluronic acids (HA) of different molecular weights. The first step, was the spectral characterization of these HA. After, we have determined spectral features of HA by which they can be detected in the skin.

What is stabilized hyaluronic acid gel used for?

Stabilized, non‐animal, hyaluronic acid gel is well tolerated and effective in augmentation therapy of soft tissues of the face. This material presents several advantages in comparison to previously used injectable biomaterials and expands the arsenal of therapeutic tools in the field of soft tissue augmentation.

What is renovhyal hyaluronic acid (HA)?

Renovhyal HA is highly present in the the epidermis under stratum corneum. The HA only in the stratum corneum. HA. This is in agreement with other studies 9). Whereas, HA with a high molecular weight radiation. In this case, penetration is not required (4, 6, 23). glycerin through the human skin. Fig. 4.

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