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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Soliance based?

Soliance is based in two locations in France: Pomacle and Ile Grande. Its first branch is located in North America in New Jersey. Soliance benefits from a large international distribution network thanks to its 28 partners all over the world.

How many companies has Solliance worked with?

To date Solliance has worked with over 75 companies and delivered more than 250 projects. With customers ranging from leading Fortune 500’s to startups, Solliance delivers expert solutions across a wide range of cloud technologies and industry verticals.

Why partner with Solliance?

The Solliance Partner Network has both the top industry leaders and the strategic flexibility to meet you where you are and take you where you need to go. "At Solliance, our philosophy is to handcraft a team that is the best fit for each customer. Our typical engagement is not typical in that every customer’s needs are unique."

What does solsoliance do?

Soliance offers innovative "product" solutions to its international ​ clients & partners. Our innovation comes from the valorization of renewable raw materials through advanced technologies such as biotechnology ​, separation ​ techniques, and green chemistry ​.

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