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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fly to New York?

If the flight is a direct flight, then it’s generally around 8 hours. Else I’d say its about 8 hours to the East coast and then depending on where you have flown into, a good couple of hours on the ground connecting with your internal flight to NY and possibly a few hours more flying.

What are the rules for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Carry On Rules. The regulations for a Southwest Airlines carry on suitcase are defined purely on dimensions. The carrier publishes its rules so no passenger can go to check in and pretend he or she did not know the restrictions. Southwest carry on luggage should be enough for everyone to travel with all the things they want.

What are the restrictions on Southwest Airlines?

These rules include restrictions on large and potentially dangerous items, liquids and gels. Southwest Airlines also limits carry-ons to one bag and one small personal item per passenger, with a few exceptions.

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