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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check in for a Southwest flight?

You can check in online at or on the app beginning 24 hours prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. Otherwise, you can check in at the airport or with an agent at the airport. But, the longer you wait, the worse boarding position you’ll have.

How do I purchase Earlybird check-in on Southwest Airlines?

You can select EarlyBird Check-In during the checkout process on Or, if you’ve already booked your vacation package, you can purchase EarlyBird Check-In on up to 36 hours prior to your scheduled local departure flight time starting from $15.00 per person each way (fee is subject to change at any time).

How does the southwest check-in process and boarding work?

How Does The Southwest Check-In Process And Boarding Work? Passengers board their flights according to “zone” and choose their own seats once on board. The zones or groups are A, B, and C with each zone divided into boarding position groups: 1 to 30, and 31 to 60.

How do I get a boarding pass for Southwest Airlines?

Although your boarding position can be secured online, you must check-in at the Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter upon arrival at the airport to have your passport verified, to check luggage, and to receive your boarding pass. Arriving and checking in at the airport.

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