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Frequently Asked Questions

Which flights has southwest canceled?

The canceled flights were destined for Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Phoenix. That comes on top of Southwest canceling flights on Sunday from Milwaukee to Nashville, Tampa (2 flights), Orlando (3 flights), Fort Myers, Baltimore, Denver, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Houston.

When does southwest cancel a flight?

Southwest flight bookings can be changed or canceled almost anytime without fees, up until 10 minutes before a flight's scheduled departure time. You can similarly score a price drop credit until 10 minutes before your flight - even if you've already checked in.

Which are Southwest flights cancelled?

On Thursday, Southwest had scheduled 3,445 flights scheduled but canceled 212 of them. Southwest Airlines employees help customers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on June 15, 2021, in Phoenix during an incident when the airlines experienced network connectivity issues which resulted in 500 flights canceled nationwide.

Are any Southwest flights cancelled?

Southwest Airlines has already canceled hundreds of flights because of the impending winter storm. Many travelers on Twitter have reported that their flights have been canceled. NBC 6 reported that Southwest has already cancelled 400 flights, so you should check before heading to the airport.

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