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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch spectrum on your computer?

To send programming to a Spectrum Receiver to watch it on TV: Select My Library and then choose the Settings icon in the upper-left of the screen. Select Devices. Choose the Spectrum Receiver you want to send the program to. Select On Demand at the bottom of the screen and then choose the program you want to watch. Select Watch on TV.

Does Spectrum offer streaming TV?

Yes, the cable TV, internet, telephone and wireless company Spectrum (a subsidiary of Charter Communications) is also offering a live TV streaming service. While that may sound like it conflicts with its other business, that's practically the point.

Can I watch Spectrum TV away from home?

With the Spectrum TV App, you have access to Live TV and On Demand programming away from home. However, some programs may appear grayed out, indicating they are unavailable to watch when you’re not connected to your home network.

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