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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit Airlines a good airline?

Spirit airline is a low-cost carrier that is certified as a 3-star airline and the ratings are done based on its airport quality, onboard product service, and staff service. It has been rated as one of the best low-cost airlines when it comes to safety.

Should you book flight with Spirit Airlines?

The most important thing to consider before actually booking a Spirit Airlines flight is if it will actually save you money. The main downfall people have when booking budget airlines is seeing the cheap flight price in Skyscanner or another flight aggregator, and then forgetting that they're going to have to pay extra for most amenities.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

Spirit flights are cheaper than other airlines because they have a different business model. Airlines like Spirit keep their fares as low as possible to win your attention and get you to commit to flying with them. After that everything is about maximizing the profit.

Is spirit still canceling flights?

A combination of severe weather and staffing shortages forced Spirit Airlines to cancel a huge proportion of its flights earlier this month. Spirit reduced its Q3 revenue expectations by up to $150 million, while operating expenses will exceed its previous ...

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