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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Speed & Sport adventures?

Big Island, HI (March 19, 2021) – A group of long-time well-known motorcycle industry insiders have formed a new company called Speed & Sport Adventures, LLC that will specialize in high-end dual-sport rides.

What is sportsport adventure?

Sport Adventure was set up in 1995 with the aim of organising fun but challenging off-road motorcycle holidays through France’s beautiful countryside.

What makes sport adventure special?

"Sport Adventure's business continues to thrive on a clever mix of well thought out (and constantly evolving) routes, a clued-up set of organisers and the integration of the local comunity (rather than using British owned accommodation for instance).

What makes the sport adventure Lozere tour so special?

"Without a doubt, the Sport Adventure Lozere tour is some of the finest riding you'll ever do. Technical enough to be challenging yet flowing enough to be enjoyable, stunning scenery and a relaxed atmosphere simply add to an already excellent experience.

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