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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you login to Spotify?

Select 'Spotify' from the list of music sources. Select 'Login' to open the Spotify app web view. Select 'Log In To Spotify' and enter username and password. Use the scroll down button to expose the Log In button.

How do I log into my Spotify account?

Click the Sign In button to log into your Spotify account and open the main Spotify window, where all the action happens! After you log in, you can always log out by choosing File→Log Out, and you can reenter your details or someone else’s.

How do I install Spotify on my computer?

Installing the Program. On your computer, click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install Spotify on your computer. The default destination folder for the application will be on your main drive, but you can choose an alternate location for the files before the installation begins.

How do you open Spotify?

1. Click Edit in the upper-left corner of the Spotify desktop application interface. 2. Click Preferences from the drop-down menu. 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Preferences screen. At the bottom of the Preferences screen, there is a set of options under the heading "Open Spotify Automatically After You Log Into the Computer.".

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