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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify need a web player?

And yet, of course Spotify needs a web application. Having Spotify on the browser isn't just about appeasing a few Chromebook users or sticking it in the face of Rdio. It's about accessibility anywhere on the world on any platform with an Internet connection. Spotify has already squashed its competitors in the music streaming world.

How do I download Spotify on my computer?

Steps Open the Spotify website in your web browser. Try and decide if you'll have enough need to purchase a full paid-subscription account. Click either the "GET SPOTIFY FREE" or the "GET SPOTIFY PREMIUM" link buttons from the Spotify home page.

How do I connect to Spotify?

To connect Spotify to Cortana, do the following: Open Cortana (click or tap on Cortana Search bar or Cortana icon). Open the Cortana’s Notebook on the left pane. Select Music. Click or tap on Spotify. If Spotify is not yet listed, click or tap on + Add a service and select Spotify. Hit Connect button.

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