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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Stanford Health Care the most wired?

Stanford Health Care earned a Most Wired award for the use of digital technology that reduces costs, improves patient safety and experience, and enhances access to care. Stanford Medicine is the only organization to receive the American Medical Association’s gold-level award every year it has been given.

Why the new Stanford Hospital?

The new Stanford Hospital allows us to place both values, medical innovation and human connection, at the forefront of healthcare.

Is Stanford Medicine a good medical center?

Vizient, a national health care performance improvement organization, ranked Stanford Medicine in the top 10% of comprehensive academic medical centers for inpatient and outpatient care.

Why choosestanford health care?

Stanford Health Care has an inspiring legacy of advanced medical innovation and discovery. From the first linear accelerator, to a cancer “vaccine” that completely eliminates tumors in mice, and many discoveries in between, Stanford has been at the forefront of medicine.

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