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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Stanford Health Care MyHealth health tracker?

Visit Stanford Health Care MyHealth portal and log in using your Stanford Health Care MyHealth account. Click on "My Medical Record" on the top, then click on "Health Tracker" on the left.

Can a minor sign up for Stanford MyHealth?

Any emancipated minor or adult aged 18-years or older seeking care at Stanford Health Care or its affiliated hospitals and clinics can sign up for their own MyHealth account. Can I create a MyHealth account for my child? A child under the age of 18 cannot open their own MyHealth account.

Why choose Stanford Health Care?

Stanford Health Care earned a Most Wired award for the use of digital technology that reduces costs, improves patient safety and experience, and enhances access to care. Stanford Medicine is the only organization to receive the American Medical Association’s gold-level award every year it has been given. advancements and helping people live longer.

What can individuals with share access do at Stanford Hospital?

Individuals with Share Access can: MyHealth now offers Hospital View, which is activated if you are admitted to Stanford Hospital. MyHealth will help guide you through your hospital stay by providing you with features that will keep you informed about your care. Download the MyHealth app and manage your care from your iPhone or Android phone.

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