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Frequently Asked Questions

What office supplies are available at Staples?

What Office Supplies Are Available at Staples? Staples offers everything for the office. From home office supplies to corporate office equipment to back to school for the kids, everything you need is here. Writing supplies - Writing utensils are the most basic and essential office supplies.

How do you store office supplies in an office?

Use large storage bins and totes at the bottom, keeping printer paper and packs of new note pads. Use shelving to hold your smaller items, and keep the most commonly used supplies at eye level. Keep hand sanitizers and multipurpose cleaning wipes out among desks to encourage use.

Where can I find Staples Connect stores?

Staples Stores and Staples Connect retail locations serve millions of customers from entrepreneurs and small businesses to remote workers, parents, teachers, and students. Explore Staples Connect at a local Staples Store or online at Is a Staples Connect Account different then a regular Staples Account?

Where is Staples located in Los Angeles CA?

Staples® W. Santa Monica Blvd. 10830 W Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 US. Main Number. (310) 441-1734(310) 441-1734.

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