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Frequently Asked Questions

What must a star have to be stable?

This means that for a star to be stable, a star's inner core must have a high temperature, density, and pressure to support its own weight. This is easy to remember. Let's think of another pyramid to illustrate why. Let's look at a human pyramid.

How much does star stable cost?

How much does Star Stable cost? Money-wise, Star Stable is not messing around; the game costs either $8.49 per month or approximately $74.99 for a lifetime membership and features in-app purchases. How long does it take to Max a horse on SSO?

Is star stable free to play?

Star Stable, developed by Pixel Tales and published by World of Horsecraft, is a free no download MMORPG for players of all ages. Many would call it a kids game or a game for young girls but the playerbase also has mature members. That is because Star Stable is fun, casual and catchy.

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